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Brainerd Lakes Area

Whether you want to ensure your sewer lines work perfectly for years to come or a problem has already arisen, Blakeman Pumping Service has years of experience in both minor sewer line maintenance and repairs. We work hard to ensure that we always provide fast and reliable service for all your needs.

Minor sewer line maintenance and repairs

We are available for you for any of your septic emergencies.

• Thawing

• Jetting

• Minor sewer line repair

Our sewer line maintenance services:

The cold Minnesota temperatures can often leave your home or commercial property's sewer lines working less than their best. Temperature below freezing can lead to your sewer lines freezing as well. This not only creates a problem during the Winter but can lead to damages and costly repairs in the summer. Blakeman Pumping Service offers routine thawing/jetting services for all frozen lines.

Protect your sewer lines from the cold, freezing temperatures

We are available for both residential and commercial services. Call: